Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bonnet, Bowler, Beanie, Beret

"When you wear a hat, it is like medicine for the soul..."
- Anonymous

ately, I've been thinking we need to bring the hat back into everyday wear.

You know, everyday wear as in - not just for royal weddings and couture fashion extravaganzas.

Seriously, what could be more dashing/daring/darling/dapper than these stylish toppers?

And you men aren't exempt from this look! Sinatra loved a good head warmer:

"Cock your hat - angles are attitudes." -Frank Sinatra

Even US Poet Laureate, Billy Collins, has something to say on this subject...

The Death of the Hat

Once every man wore a hat.

In the ashen newsreels,
the avenues of cities

are broad rivers flowing with hats.

The ballparks swelled with thousands of strawhats,
brims and bands,
rows of men smoking
and cheering in shirtsleeves.

Hats were the law.
They went without saying.
You noticed a man without a hat in a crowd.

You bought them from Adams or Dobbs
who branded your initials in gold
on the inside band...

I officially declare the Hat Revolution begun.

Hats Off,

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