Monday, January 26, 2009

Quick Update #1

Hello, Hello, Hello!

We just wanted to update all of you on our life in France thus far. Actually, the weather has been pretty *blah* since we've been here, so I'm afraid there isn't much to tell. We were planning on touring some on Saturday, but the rain and windy cold would have none of it. So, no interesting stories for you all. I do however, have some pictures for you to see!

Since we haven't seen much of France just yet, I took some pictures around town to help you all get a better idea of our everyday life. After work, Stuart and I often go to a local grocery store to pick up items we need for the evening or weekend or whatever. So far, we've made the French dish Chicken Cordon Bleu together, which Stuart really loved and wants again very soon! Here's the outside of the grocery store, because I know you're all dying to see it (don't even pretend you're not):

It seems to be one of the larger stores in the area, but you'd be surprised at the things we have trouble finding. Fresh milk for example, is not always on the shelves. The French seem to prefer a milk that requires no refrigeration and that will last almost a month! Sorry, I still prefer fresh!

This second picture is a snapshot of inside Pernes-le-Fontaines. The castle looking structure is the entry way to the "old city." No cars are allowed beyond this point. Stuart and I plan to explore it one day soon! I think the idea of a walled city is very quaint, don't you?

This last picture is a view from the mini bus of the house after we had gotten back from the grocery store. In the summer, I think this area serves as a garden. Our bedroom is the top left window. There is also a neighborhood cat who wanders around the yard during the day. Maybe I'll see if we can coax her inside with some food!

In the meantime, all is well. Stuart and I have gotten settled in, and have made friends with our neighbor Philippe, who speaks no English but is so animated that we all feel like we're playing charades most of the time! And of course, we are loving our time together to talk with one another and bond. It is wonderful! On Wednesday, Siv has invited me to go shopping with her in Avignon, so I will try and keep my eyes open for neat things to fill you all in on!

All of our love,


  1. I love reading your blog, Haley!!! :) I remember InterMarche!! I only went there once (it wasn't that great, as you've already stated), but I still remember it. I also remember getting a bit "lost" one day when I was wandering into town on my own, looking for the Coccinelle and accidentally stumbling upon the InterMarche after I took a wrong turn. (Have you been to Coccinelle yet? There yet? They have some good sweets there! You can get Coke there for Stuart...) Anyway, you both should definitely go exploring the old city sometime. A friend and I did and it was a lot of fun. We rode our bikes there, and then locked them up in this courtyard area and wandered all around. Sure we felt a bit lost at times, but you can always find your way back if you head towards the river. Anyway, we weren't the ones who were actually lost--our bikes were!! We couldn't for the life of us find them for the longest time, but before it got dark we eventually did. It was pretty funny. :) I love all the fountains that are scattered around.
    Have fun shopping with Siv-she's so sweet. :)
    Keep posting!

  2. This does look pretty quaint I have to admit. I love when you post pictures!!! I love the idea of a walled city too.


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