Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Spy...Spring!

Did you ever play "I Spy" when you were little? How about "Guess What Color Car Is Going To Drive By Next"? Or "What Shape Is That Cloud"?

Okay, so I don't know the real titles of those last games, but I do know that these games always remind me of cool spring days when I was a little girl. I used to sit on the front porch swing with my grandmother (we call her granny), usually with a bowl of peanuts or an apple, hoping the next car that drove by would be blue and that I would win the game.

I also remember wonderful days when my mom would take Harrison and me outside for a cheery picnic in the front yard. We would play "I Spy" for forever. I also remember having to pick really easy colors for Harrison, because he was so little!

So, why the walk down memory lane, you wonder?

Why, finding these first hints of spring sprouting around the house, of course! Seemingly overnight, a beautiful assortment of flowers have woken up from their winter sleep and stretched their stems towards the sun!

When I saw them, I got so excited I got out our camera and snapped pictures of them all! I love spring!

As evidenced by the flowers, we have had some really nice weather lately. Actually, the same evening I was happily photographing flowers, Stuart and I had a wonderful time grilling steaks for a Friday night supper! There is an indoor grill in the sunroom, and we quickly put it to use! We also made french fries and had our weekly Coke.

Sunday, the weather was beautiful again and we had lunch with Jean and his wife. Afterwards, Jean showed us an old cemetery in their town (the town of Mazan), as well as the old city (similar to the walled city of Pernes I blogged earlier about). Back at home, Stuart and I enjoyed a long walk and talk on the country roads. We had a wonderful time! There were many other couples out in the nice weather, and we all exchanged a polite "Bonjour" whenever we met up. Stuart was wearing a t-shirt, and I was picking violets and admiring the horses we always see on our walks.

All in all, a relaxing time filled with great conversation!

We wanted to give everyone a glimpse of our Friday night cookout, so here are some pictures for you to enjoy! Hope your weekend was as great as ours. . .

You can tell we like lots of marinade and seasonings on our steaks! Hooray for flavor! Won't you please have one with us?

The grillmaster himself. Making eating fun... one perfect steak at a time!

Stuart and Haley in front of the sunroom grill, having some Friday night fun! Hello everyone!

On the outside looking in - I started the fries inside while Stuart grilled outside. We always open the window so we can still talk!

Well, that wraps up the recap of this past weekend. This weekend however, we'll be in Paris! Look for pictures and a post next week sometime!

Have a great week, and take time to notice all the signs of spring! It only comes once a year, you know!

Off to pack,

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  1. Looks delish!! Wish I had a steak right now. Enjoy Paris, eat a banana and chocolate crepe for me! I agree spring is wonderful. Can't wait to see you guys.


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