Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Has It Already Been A Year?

The person who is on my mind right is short, chubby, and bald.

This person also doesn't have many teeth, has long delicate fingers, and loves to destroy cake...

Give up?

The little person on my mind is my niece Zara, who just celebrated her very 1st birthday yesterday on April 28th!

Her mom said that Zara seemed to know exactly what was going on on her special day! When the birthday cake was brought out, Zara started to laugh, kick her feet, and reach for the yummy frosting!

As for me, I can't believe it has already been 1 year since this little girl entered all of our lives! All of our nieces are growing up so, so fast! I feel so blessed that I am getting to watch them change firsthand. How they all have grown!

I remember holding Zara for the first time a year ago. Nobody could get over her l-o-n-g delicate fingers and toes!

"Perhaps she'll be a musician or a ballerina!" we mused together.

No matter what this little girl turns out to be, she is surrounded by family who surely do love her!

The Birthday Girl

Looking forward to even more birthdays,


  1. Ah, I haven't seen Zara since she was 2 months old. I wish I could see my nieces more.


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