Friday, June 12, 2009

Incompetence: A True Story

Some of you weren't praying hard enough.....

Haha! No I'm just kidding.

But! We did have a hiccup on our house closing today. We were almost there........


We were supposed to close this Monday the 15th, but apparently somebody at the mortgage company dropped the ball.

Basically, the appraisal company performed the appraisal last week but "forgot" to send it to the mortgage company (Incompetent person #1) until later this late in fact, that it is now too late to close on Monday.

And how did this come to our attention, you ask?

Our Realtor called Stuart and said the closing company needed our homeowner's insurance documentation.

Stuart responded (shocked and dismayed voice), "Ummm, I handled that weeks ago! They should have had it long before now."

So, Stuart called Geico to get the scoop. The Gecko himself told Stuart that they needed a mortgagee clause from the lender, which they had not received though they had attempted to get it numerous times.

Guy at mortage company = Incompetent person #2

The gist?

We're not closing until Friday the 19th....

All things considered, it could have been worse. We still get to move in on Saturday like we planned, but just" forgetting" to do your job... really?



I just needed to vent. Stuart vented to me and now I pass on the joy to all of you. And we both think this entitles us to "forget" to pay the mortgage company at least once. Teehee!

Honestly though, we've been really blessed through this whole closing process. This is really the first thing we've come up against so we don't really feel like we should rip anyone's head off...yet.

For those of you who have trouble getting my humor, that last comment was a joke.

Have a great night!

Feeling better already,

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