Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Bern and Beyond

As promised in my last post, I have pictures from our anniversary trip to New Bern, North Carolina last weekend. We had such good jaunts, fellow readers! The beach is about an hour away (for those readers who don't know the area), and we spent almost the entire day there on Sunday (our actual anniversary).

We both got some sun...


I got some sun.

Stuart apparently got the entire sun and tried to swallow it or something.
I've spent the last couple of nights slathering the poor soul with Aloe Vera gel and listening to him bemoan the itchiness of his state. But I digress...

We drove down on Tuesday evening after Stuart got off of work and set up house. Stuart still had to work Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, so the party didn't really get started until the weekend. But those nights were still a lot of fun. I read a book to Stuart and we took the family's paddle boat out on the water at dusk to talk and such. We also grilled out steaks and of course, made our annual trek to Books a Million where I added to my library as I always do whenever we visit New Bern. However, I will admit that this wasn't quite as exciting as it used to be, simply because I live near Barnes and Noble now (10 times better) and didn't before. But still...I love any bookstore, anytime, anywhere. And who am I to fight the New Bern tradition?

I ask you...who?

FYI- I also love Next Chapter Bookstore in downtown New Bern. Yay for used books....okay I'm moving on.

Anyways, like I said, the real fun started that weekend. I'll let you look at the pictures now and just narrate as I go. Shall we?

This first picture is of me in downtown New Bern on Saturday. We slept late, ate lunch at Schlotsky's Deli, and browsed all the local shops. We also had a treat at the Cow Cafe, which Stuart makes me call the Moo Cow Cafe, even though I argued, "That's not the name. Look at the sign." Stuart just says its family tradition and we must call it the Moo Cow Cafe in honor of the old cafe...or something like that.

The treat at Moo Cow Cafe I mentioned above was in fact a banana split. Oh sorry, I mean a Moonana Split. And believe it or not, it was a first time experience for both of us! Can you believe it? I've heard my whole life about banana splits, but never really wanted to try one. Stuart said he had never had one either and we decided to seize the opportunity to share something together for the first time. It was surprisingly good. I don't know, I just never thought of bananas and ice cream as a very appealing thought, but I'd definitely do it again. Stuart agrees with me. The picture of our first banana split...awwww...

Now here was a funny event. Not only are both of us pretty horrible at miniature golf, but a storm had come through the night before and totally soaked the course. We couldn't even play one hole because it was under water completely. And yes, Stuart beat the pants off of me. But I looked better golfing! Ha!

July 19th! Our anniversary day on the beach! It was so nice out, not too hot, borderline chilly actually. We got up early, went to IHOP for breakfast, and drove to the beach with snacks, books, cards, and sunblock (but apparently not enough). Stuart buried my feet in the sand, and I collected lots of shells for a shadow box I'm making. We also played in the ocean together, Stuart bodysurfed, I watched and laughed, threw sand at him, ran from him when he tried to rub sand all over my back, and attempted to push him into huge breaking waves ( I know, my sense of humor is sick). Stuart later said that he let me push him...hmmmm....

Stuart. Pre-sunburn. A happy and carefree man....

Were you expecting a post sunburn picture? I don't have one. Sorry. But I do have a picture of us back from the beach, all cleaned up and ready to go out to eat at The Harvey Mansion. We ate filet mignons and they were delicious. The waitress wished us a Happy 1st Anniversary! It was fun. Note: You can't see Stuart's sunburn because of his shirt. But his smile looks like a slight grimace of pain to me, don't you think? And just so you guys don't think I'm heartless and didn't look after the Baker, let me just say I asked...nay...pleaded with him to put on sunblock. Several times. But he would have none of it. I hate to say I told you I don't....I told you so!

Me having a moment. Stuart says I look better this way and I quite agree. I think it adds a certain something to my countenance. I look more intimidating. Or perhaps....psychotic? Anyway, would you approach someone with this face? I didn't think so.

The stately Harvey Mansion and restaurant. Located near the water for your viewing pleasure.

And last but not least, Studebaker cranking up the grill for some steak eatin'. One night we also bought wings and other appetizers from Hurricane's just up the street. We popped popcorn, drank Coke, and cuddled through Spiderman 3.

So now you know several things, one being that I am not responsible for Stuart's sunburned state, and another being that I love to spend money on large quantities of books. But the most important thing you know is that Stuart and I had our first wonderful anniversary together and are now, even as I type this, beginning to live the second. And that is the best anniversary present of all.

Embarking on Number Two,


  1. Yay, I love it. It sounds as if Stuart and I were suffering together. That weekend we went to the beach and though I did apply some sunscreen I was burnt so bad I couldn't turn over in the bed. Everything hurt. I feel for Stuart, couple weeks later I am still Peeling. Blah!!

  2. So fun and perfect for a 1 year anniversary!

    We visit the old bookstore in New Bern, as well as look at the various antique stores for books. We got some beautiful, leather-bound classics the time before last for a STEAL.

    You know, Jonathan introduced me to banana splits soon after we married. Done right, they are delicious!

    The picture of you in the red dress is amazing - you are such a knockout!

    You'll have to learn that as a wife, you'll have to sometimes "do things" for your husband, such as:
    - Say, "Baby, you need sunscreen. Here, I'm putting it on you."
    - Watch your husband leave for a 4am fishing trip, with only a few NutriGrain bars in hand, and say, "Babe, hold on, I'm getting you some food to go," while you go make pb&j sandwiches, grab apples and water and chips and anything you can think of to sustain him....
    - See him leaving for a hunting trip, with only a coat and hat, and make him wait as you go find him gloves and a scarf. And make him give you his GPS coordinates in case he doesn't come home in time and you need to send police out....


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