Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick Update #5

A short list of all that has been going on in our lives the last week or so:

* My sister-in-law, Crystal, and her boyfriend, Joe came up to spend the weekend with us. Stuart and I made supper for them, and later we made snacks and watched the movie Defiance, which by the way, is really intense and keeps your attention. Stuart and I had already seen it and liked it, so....that's what we did. Crystal and Joe really liked it I think...

* Saturday, we hiked Sharp Top at Peaks of Otter nearby. We packed a cooler and backpack full of goodies and had a great time.

*I fell flat on my face while hiking... yes I did. And it was really funny even to me, but unfortunately, not to Stuart....

* After hiking, we went home and got cleaned up and went to the mall in Roanoke where we ate in the food court, shopped, ordered Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and had a good time all around...

*Came home, made more snacks and watched Jumanji...went to bed.

*Went to church Sunday morning and then came home, had a quick lunch and saw Crystal and Joe off...*sniff*

Other happenings?

*I got facebook again for any of you who don't know it yet! I had it for a long time throughout college, but got rid of it for various reasons...but now Stuart and I both have one. Look us up!

*I've been re-reading some favorite books for old time's sake, including (but not limited to), And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie and Alcott's Little Women. Each time I do this, I'm like "Man, I love this book!"

*We've been having storms and constant rain here, especially during the night, which I kind of like because it makes our house seem more cozy. I just snuggle up to Stuart in bed and listen to the rain beat outside!

*I'm still job hunting, but now Stuart and I are considering some other options. Will let you know as this develops more.....and no it does not involve children...

*Harrison might be coming up again this weekend! Yay! Always happy to see my little bro!

That's about it for now! Hope all of you are doing well!



  1. Hey!! I am lookin for you and Stuart on facebook and cant find yall! Where are you living now? Taylor and I are still in Charlotte so if you ever come by let us know! I would love to catch up!!
    Meagan Ethridge

  2. I'm just under Haley Graydon and he is under stuart Graydon....I wonder if we have any mutual friends? I'll look for you!


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